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Our Major Suppliers are local manufacturers of Granular Urea, Urea Super Granules & with capacity to Blend all kind of N P K specification. Each has a minimum daily production capacity of 1500mt for urea. While our minor suppliers are local importers of prilled urea & granular N P K of different specification.

Agro Dealers

Our Agro Dealers own farm input retail outlets located in good proximity to farming communities. They not only ensure product availability to their consumers but also provide advisory services to farmers.

Village Promoters

Our Village Promoters are an intricate part of the distribution network. They are required to be able to communicate effectively with rural farmers in their communities. Village Promoters are a team of local people appointed by the company but trained by Notore to sell small pack fertilizers to their local communities through the use of demonstration plots where they educate their communities on the appropriate use of fertilizers and best farming practices.

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