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To be the No 1, One Stop Shop for farmers with the most satisfied customers.


A commitment to make life better day after day.


Ensuring rule of business ethics, openness and honest engagements with all stakeholders.

We’re GreenGate Fertilizers!

GreenGate Chemical & Fertilizer Company Limited is one of the leading medium fertiliser and agro-allied companies in Nigeria.The company was incorporated with the Registration No: RC1194166.

Our principal activities include the wholesaling & retailing of premium fertilisers [inorganic & organic],improved seeds, farm machinery & implement, appropriate education on best practices for farming and proper deployment of these practices for optimum results. We have built a robust network of professionals with the help of our suppliers to support farmers and farming communities of Kwara, Oyo,Osun, Ekiti, Niger, Kogi States of Nigeria with connectivity to smallholder farmers, farmers co-operatives & groups, commercial farmers, Government & Private institution.

Fertiliser distribution in our coverage territory prior to GreenGate entrance into the industry, was limited to urban and peri-urban centres. Our coverage territory has about an estimated 3.5 million farming households who live in rural communities had limited access to this critical farm input. To address this problem, we joined Notore's distribution network to ensure effective delivery of products to the nook and crannies of our market sphere at a uniform price. And Later came authorized dealer for the following companies in the states: INDORAMA, WACOT, SPRINGFIELD & GOLDEN FERTILIZER COMPANY. By this strategy we guarantee wealth creation to all Agro-dealers in our distribution value chain while providing easy access to all farmers. In building the desired structure, we work with a number of carefully selected Agro-dealers to ensure the availability and maintain the quality of our products in all communities, where we operate in the states. The strong link between the company and its partners [Suppliers & Agro-dealers] enables it to have control over the distribution channel up to end-user point.

We have vast experience in product distribution and also serve as the first and major fertilizer distribution hub in the operational states. We are wholesale purchasers & we also ensure free flow of our products down the chain by building adequate inventory in our warehouse at all times. In addition, the company provides adequate support and training to enable farmers reap the economic benefits of improved seeds. The end goal is to increase agricultural yield, increase food production and reduce hunger across Nigeria.

Our operations in recent years have begun to impact positively on agricultural yields while ensuring improved standard of living for the estimated 3.5 million farming households in the six [6] states of federation of Nigeria.

Our Experience

Previous Jobs Executed

GREENGATE Chemical & Fertilizer Company [Formerly Labake Express Ent Nig Ltd] was the sole Agro dealer that distributed the fertilizer voucher scheme in conjunction with IFDC /NFRA/ Kwara State Govt /Notore in 2010. We have been participating in Growth Enhancement Support Scheme on Fertilizer & Seed [maize, soybean, Rice, oil palm, cashew], {Sheep & Goat, Beef, Diary} Value Chain since inception in 2012 till date.

We are an accredited supplier of Fertilizers, Seeds and Farm sprayers to:

  • Fadama II & III Projects
  • Lower Niger River Basin Authority
  • Commercial farms e.g: Shonga farms, Landmark University, University of Ilorin Farms, Kwara state Youth Farm, Malete etc.
  • We have done extensive work as a sub-contractor with IFDC on Cassava PLUS project.