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Our fertiliser and seeds products are popular for their 
great quality, consistency, and affordability.

Granular Urea

Granular urea is of premium quality of 45% Nitrogen with a formaldehyde coating that enables it to dissolve slowly, making it suitable for tropical climates. granular urea is produced from the reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide under high pressure and temperature ranging between 1320C and 1820C (2700F and 3600F). Urea is the most popular form of fertiliser in the world because of its vast use for cereal crops.

Package Sizes: 50KG, 10KG, 1KG


NPK Fertiliser is a composition of Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). We deal in both granular and bulk-blended NPK of various blends. On special request, we can liaise with our suppliers to produce NPK fertilisers, customised with micro-nutrients.

Package Sizes: 50KG, 10KG, 1KG

Our Seeds

We decided to market high yield seed varieties from Notore seed, Maslaha Seed & Seedco Seed to enable farmers increase their output per hectare of farmland. With an initial focus on rice soybean and maize seeds. In addition, the company provides adequate support and training to enable farmers reap the economic benefits of improved seeds.

Package Sizes: 10KG, 2KG, 1 KG